Your wedding day is as special and as individual as you are. Everything about it should reflect your uniqueness, especially your ceremony. This is the one day in your lives when you have the opportunity to publicly express your love for each other and make your own special promises and vows to each other.
Remember these vows in the Wedding Ceremonies Galore book are for young and old people alike. Traditional Vows
Religious or Spiritual Vows
Non-Religous Vows
Non-Traditional Vows
Renewing Vows
2nd or Ensuing Vow
Ring Vows
Guidelines To Writing Your Own Complete Ceremony
This will Save You Valuable Time
You'll Save Money (time is money-- don't waste time writing your own from scratch)
Gain The Audiences Respect-- say the wrong thing and risk losing their respect

Who is the author of the best selling
Wedding Ceremony Book.

Robert Joy, born in Blackpool England. I lived the majority of my younger years in Preston England.

Moved in my late 20's and lived in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) for 7 years.

Employed as Senior Traffic Safety Officer, presenting traffic safety in schools and on Television & Radio, daily.

Moved to Perth Western Australia. Employed by Community Services of Western Australia as a child counsellor. Studied psychology at Edith Cowan University and launched Personal Power Development a personal development course on the Power within each of us.

Appointed Civil Marriage Celebrant and also Justice of the Peace.

Became a very popular and much sought after Civil Marriage Celebrant, largely due to my very open and friendly disposition.

Moved to the USA, living in Southern California, and Saint George, Utah, studied and obtained a Ph.D. in Religion.

Ceremonies have been conducted in most cities in Australia, a country I still call home, as well as many states in the USA, Bali, Costa Rica, and Panama.

My passion, skill, knowledge and expertise is evident in my ability to relax and make friends with complete strangers.

My wedding ceremonies are filled with my passion, fun, perfection, flexibility, individuality, choice and freedom.

The Wedding Ceremony book is the cumulative of over 30 years within the wedding industry and is a wonderful and perfect one stop book for Wedding Ceremonies.

SOLD OVER 13,000 copies.

Brother Robert,
Thank you for the e-book offering. It was wonderful!!!

I am available as a consultant with regards to your very own personal and precious wedding, please take advantage of my skill, passion and knowledge.

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SOLD OVER 13,000 copies.

Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for your email. I have downloaded the wedding ceremony book and had no issues whatsoever, following your instructions!
Now, the reading can begin and we can really make our ceremony special!
Thank you for your help and follow up!
Kind regards

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