The childrens vows are examples that can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony. They are just two of the other childrens vows in the book Wedding Ceremonies Galore and Much Much More. Your wedding day should be as special and as individual as you are.
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Example 1 Children's Vows

Invite children forward.

I have pledged my love to you and promised to be a faithful husband.
Now I want to add another, different kind of vow. I promise to love (Children's Names) for all of our days and to treat them as if they were my own. I gladly accept the obligations that go along with this pledge. I love (Children's Names) and want them to be part of my life.


Example 2 Children's Vow

Childrens Unity Candle Ceremony

Invite children forward.

(Bride's and Groom's Names) light the candles which represent love for each other and for (Child's Name).
From the uniqueness of these separate flames, they kindle a larger and brighter flame which represents the union between (Groom's, Bride's and Child's Names).
The side candles remain burning to symbolize the continuing importance of the individual integrity within the marriage relationship. The greater height of the center candle depicts their belief that together they can become more than either could alone.

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Dear Robert -- and what a perfect last name for someone in the wedding business! -- JOY!
I have now successfully downloaded the book onto my Mac.  I opened and closed it several times and Word converts it every time to RF.  A quick perusal tells me that is contains just what I hoped, and that we will be able to do a very nice ring ceremony in our beautiful garden and include readings from and for various family members.  I think my 91 year old monther will love handing them some roses with a rose reading.  My daughter's twin sister may well love reading from Kahil Gibran.  This is a joyful time for me and I think your book will contribute a lot to that joy.  Thanks!  Dionis Griffin

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