Wedding Clergy, Ministers, Civil Marriage Celebrants, Justices, Pastors.

Having been involved with Wedding Ceremonies, Funeral Services and Name Givings for over 40 years and because of the enormous amount of friendship and enjoyment that I have derived during that time, I would like to offer something back to new people and or maybe older people, the ideas that I have accumulated.

The Wedding Ceremony Book contains

  • 50 Complete Ceremonies
  • 66 Readings
  • 38 Vows
  • 31 Ring Vows
  • 6 Children Vows
  • Ring Vows
  • Sand Vows.

All ceremonies can be converted into Re-affirmation ceremonies, very easily.

The Funeral Service book contains

  • 16 Complete Funeral Service Examples
  • 58 Readings
  • 12 Funeral Traditions
  • 121 pages
  • How to start performing Funeral Services
  • How to save money on your Funeral, ideas and suggestions.

Name Giving Ceremonies, contains

  • 8 Name Giving Ceremonies
  • 40 Readings or Poems
  • 8 Vows

Name Giving Ceremonies are an alternative to Baptismal services.

Divorce Ceremonies contains

  • 8 Divorce Ceremonies
  • 40 Readings
  • Readings or Poems.
  • Divorce Ceremonies that also include the children.

I have put together one very special package specifically for Clergy, Officiant's, Civil Marriage Celebrants, or anyone who conducts Ceremonies or interested in performing ceremonies.

This very SPECIAL package consists of

  • The Wedding Ceremony Book
  • The Name Giving Book
  • The Funeral Ceremony Book
  • The Divorce Ceremony Book

All are in electronic download format PDF for only $19.95. These books are NOT PRINTED but electronic books.

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