The following are examples from the Wedding Humour Book. They are just two of the many humourous stories. This book compliments the Wedding Ceremony Book. Great for the reception and general reading.

Examples of true humour at 2 Wedding Ceremoies.

Example Number 1 of Wedding Ceremony Humour


Sunday afternoon on a hot summer day, I arrived early in the suburb of Balcatta, Western Australia and found there were about 12 to 15 people intermingling and having a good time. There were also a few people missing -- namely the groom, the best man and the groomsman. I asked the bride, "Where's the groom?" She said, "He got dressed early and went out on an errand. He said he would be back about an hour ago. No one has seen him since he left, but I'm sure he'll be back soon". She was quite cheerful and did not seem the least bit concerned, so why should I be? I relaxed and mingled with the guests as is my usual practice while waiting for a wedding to begin.

The time for the wedding rolled around. Then half an hour passed by with a few comments about the groom not being present. Then another 15 minutes passed, which made it 45 minutes after the start of the wedding was supposed to take place. Now the bride was becoming concerned, as were the guests.

A few more minutes passed, then in strolled the entourage of the groom, the best man and the groomsman. They looked around at everyone gathered there, smiled and the groom said, "Hi, how's everyone doing?" That was his 2nd mistake for the day! One very angry bride stormed up to him and told him in no uncertain terms what she thought about him being so late and then acting as if nothing was wrong. At one point I thought she was going to punch him in the face. I thought I might have to use my emergency medical skills from when I used to drive an ambulance in England! It didn't happen, but it was pretty close. Generally, people never get as far as their wedding day if they don't love each other and no one wants to see that special day ruined by misunderstandings so I took it into my hands to see what could be resolved. I went up to them and said, "Let's calm down. What's happened?" It seems the groom had decided to go out with his friends for a last game of pool as a single male.

They had, in good faith, planned to return in plenty of time for the wedding. They had not been drinking excessively. He was not backing out of the wedding. He wasn't even having second thoughts. Time just slipped away from them. They got involved with one game and then two games and then quite a few games. The groom apologized to the bride and the wedding went on as planned except for the late start and as far as I know they are still together. That just goes to show that even when things get off to a rocky start, they can turn out well and have happy endings.

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Example Number 2 of Wedding Ceremony Humour


This story was told to me so I don't know if it is true or if it is a joke. I think it is a joke, but then again -------

The guests were all seated. The parents of the bride and groom had been escorted down the aisle and seated in the front row on their respective sides. The groomsmen were in their places. The bridesmaids had each enjoyed their moment of glory as they individually walked down the aisle and took their places opposite the groomsmen. The ring bearer was the next to enter the door to the chapel. He was adorable in his little tux, just 3 years old and the bride's brother.

Everyone smiled as they watched him begin his trip down the aisle. Then the smiles changed to puzzled looks. As the little boy took a step, he let go of the ring cushion with his right hand, raised it in front of him curving his fingers, scratching at thin air and going, "Grrrrr", as loud as he could.

On the next step, he held the cushion with his right hand, let go with his left, raising it in front of him with curved fingers, scratched at thin air and again went, "Grrrrr", as loud as he could. He continued alternating hands and going,"Grrrrr", all the way down the aisle to the alter.

The ceremony continued without a hitch. At the end, the minister couldn't control his curiosity any longer and asked why the boy made such strange motions and sounds as he walked down the aisle.

The boy replied, "That was the only way I knew how to be a ring bear."

Thank you, I found the book very helpfull. We used parts of several sections to write our own original ceremony and vows. Thanks again.

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